CICS Transaction Storage Summary

Selecting the "CICS® Transaction Storage Summary" link provides you with a display which provides information about the storage areas owned by the current CICS transaction, as the example shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Sample CICS Transaction Storage Summary display
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CICS Transaction Storage Summary - All Tasks                   Line 1 Col 1 80 
Command ===> ________________________________________________ Scroll ===> CSR 
Current All - TRANID: CFA       CICS ABEND: FLT1              FAE1      2019/07
Address   Length   Type   ID   Task #   Possible Overlay                       
00100008  00002D60        NEWC 0002915C n/a                                    
00103008  00000650        CECI 0002916C n/a                                    
00104000  000029F0 USER24               None detected                          
  Total:  000029F0 USER24                                                      
19320008  00000030        NEWC 0002915C n/a                                    
193201E8  000000C0        NEWC 0002915C n/a                                    
193202B8  00003AD0        NEWC 0002915C n/a                                    
19323D98  0000A770        NEWC 0002915C n/a                                    
19330008  000001C0        CECI 0002916C n/a                                    
193301E8  000000C0        CECI 0002916C n/a                                    
193302B8  00007D00        CECI 0002916C n/a                                    
19337FC8  00000120        CECI 0002916C n/a                                    
193380F8  000004F0        CECI 0002916C n/a                                    
1934B170  00000FD0 USER31               None detected                          
19340660  000000E0 USER31               None detected                          
19340910  0000A860 USER31               None detected                          

The CICS Transaction Storage Summary display can be important when a transaction's storage has been overlaid by another task, as it helps identify transactions whose storage was near or adjacent to the overlay. When Z Abend Investigator is invoked to analyze a CICS transaction abend, the storage allocations of all other concurrently running tasks are gathered. This information can then be displayed, during interactive reanalysis, in the CICS transaction storage summary display.

The display has two point-and-shoot fields, "Current" and "All", which toggle the display accordingly.

You also can display CICS transaction storage by using the CICSSTG command. See CICSSTG.