Data sets used for batch reanalysis

When performing batch reanalysis through the ISPF interface, the generated JCL includes DD statements as required for any JOBLIB, STEPLIB, or Z Abend Investigator compiler listing or side file data sets. DD statements are added for Z Abend Investigator data sets even if they were not explicitly included in the real-time JCL, but were supplied through the DataSets option or an Analysis Control user exit. These data sets are added to the reanalysis job in an attempt to recreate the same execution environment as were used in real time.

DataSets options that are specified via the _HFZ_OPTS user options file or the PARM field cause those data sets to be logically concatenated to the data sets from the real-time execution.

If the Display panel to edit generated JCL option on the Batch Reanalysis Options display is set to Y (see Batch reanalysis options), then it is possible to make changes to the real-time data set specifications before submitting the reanalysis job. Also, any data sets that were used in real time but do not exist in the reanalysis environment, or data sets with READ access prohibited, are identified by a comment as shown in the following example for HFZLCOB:

//* The following HFZLCOB data set is unavailable:
//* The following HFZLCOB data set is READ protected:
Note: If the GenerateSavedReport option is in effect, then all data set or path names that were used during real-time processing will automatically be included, even if these have been deleted from the generated JCL before performing reanalysis.