Enabling dynamic control of analysis of CICS transaction abends

When Z Abend Investigator is installed, you have the option to install a control transaction that dynamically controls the behavior of Z Abend Investigator under CICSĀ®.

To install the control transaction, define a CICS transaction for program HFZXFA in the same group used for the required program definitions. (See Defining required programs to CICS for details.) You can use the CEDA transaction to do this, with default values for the parameters.

The sample batch job in member HFZSCICS of dataset HFZ.SHFZSAM1 defines a control transaction named CFA, and it is referred to as "CFA" elsewhere in this documentation. However, you can rename it.

Ensure that the priority of the control transaction is high enough to enable it to disable Z Abend Investigator quickly in case of unexpected problems.