Defining required programs to CICS

Unless the CICSĀ® autoinstall program is active, the following assembler programs and BMS map must be defined in a group that is included in a group list used during CICS startup:
The sample job in member HFZSCICS of data set HFZ.SHFZSAM1 defines the programs, BMS map, and optional control transaction in a group named ZAI. To customize the sample job for your own installation:

To enable Z Abend Investigator to be invoked under CICS, you must add HFZ.SHFZAUTH to the DFHRPL concatenation.

CICS tracing must be active for Z Abend Investigator to display CICS trace information.

You must use the ABCODE keyword on an EXEC CICS ABEND statement for Z Abend Investigator to be invoked. For example:

If the NODUMP keyword is used on an EXEC CICS ABEND statement, Z Abend Investigator performs analysis only if invoked through the HFZXCCEE exit.