Adding the required programs to the startup PLT

To have Z Abend Investigator install at CICSĀ® startup, add the HFZPLT program name to your startup PLT. HFZPLT enables HFZXCX53 as an XPCABND global user exit during CICS startup.

Note: For CICS open TCB users, adding the Z Abend Investigator HFZPLT program name to the startup PLT is mandatory.

HFZPLT should be placed at the end of the PLT list, so that Z Abend Investigator is not invoked before normal CICS services are available, should an abend occur in another PLT program. You can also enable Z Abend Investigator at the XDUREQ global user exit by adding program name HFZPLTD to your startup PLT.

HFZPLTS can be included in the startup PLT if you require SDUMP screening to be installed.