Controlling CICS transaction abend analysis

Once the CFA transaction is installed (you might have chosen to install it under a different name, as per the above), then it can be used to install or uninstall the following Z Abend Investigator invocation exits:

In addition, the CFA transaction can be used to install or uninstall the Z Abend Investigator SDUMP screening feature.

Prior to installing either the XPCABND or XDUREQ exits, the CFA transaction issues a CICS NEWCOPY command for program HFZXCX53 if the exit is in the "Uninstalled" state. To load a new copy of HFZXCX53, for example after applying maintenance, use the CFA transaction to uninstall the XPCABND and XDUREQ exits, then reinstall the HFZXCX53 exit.

There are two ways to interact with the CFA transaction; either from a CICS terminal, or from the MVS™ console. Each of these are described in the following sections.