Parmlib member HFZCNFxx

Default options for the site are held in the parmlib member HFZCNFxx, where xx is either:

The initial search is for an HFZCNF&SYSCLONE member name. If this member name is not found in any parmlib data set, then a search is made for an HFZCNF00 member.

The HFZCNFxx member can be created in SYS1.PARMLIB, or any other data set that is part of the logical parmlib concatenation.

All data sets in the logical parmlib concatenation must be given universal READ access.

Note: See Customize Z Abend Investigator by using an HFZOPTLM configuration-options module if you do not want to place the HFZCNFxx member in the logical parmlib concatenation but use an alternative data set instead.

If the HFZCNFxx member does not exist, then Z Abend Investigator uses the product-supplied default options. In real time, message HFZ0018W is issued.

This is an example of an HFZCNFxx parmlib member:
Figure 1. Sample HFZCNFxx parmlib member
/* HCL Z Abend Investigator Configuration                            */

Exclude(TYPE(TSU))             /* Exclude TSO users                  */
Exclude(TYPE(STC) NAME(VTAM))  /* Exclude VTAM started task          */

RetainDump(AUTO)               /* Automatic dump retention           */

/* Data sets where installation application compiler listings are kept */
  HFZHIST (HFZ.HIST)           /* Fault History file                 */
  HFZLC   (MY.LISTING.C        /* C compiler listings                */
           XY.LISTING2.C)      /* more C compiler listings           */
  HFZLCOB (APP1.LISTING.COBOL  /* COBOL compiler listings            */
           MY.LISTING.COBOL)   /* COBOL compiler listing for IVP     */
  HFZLCOBO(APP2.LISTINGS)      /* OS/VS COBOL compiler listings      */
  HFZLPLI (MY.LISTING.PLI    ) /* PL/I compiler listings             */
  HFZLANGX(MY.HFZLANGX)        /* LANGX files                        */
  HFZADATA(MY.SYSADATA)        /* SYSADATA files                     */
  HFZMAPS(HFZ.SHFZMAPS)        /* Data area models                   */

A sample HFZCNFxx parmlib member (which might not match the sample above) is available in the HFZ.SHFZSAM1 data set as member HFZCNF00.

Note that only columns 1 - 71 of the HFZCNFxx member are processed.

When installing Z Abend Investigator you must review the DataSets option in HFZCNF00: For details on the DataSets option, see DataSets).

You can change the parmlib member whenever you need to. For example, you can change the parmlib member to exclude other types of jobs. However, you should adjust an option in the user options file if you only want to change an option for one job.

Various techniques for changing options for individual jobs are described in Where to specify options, Batch reanalysis options, and Interactive reanalysis options.

The individual options are explained in Option descriptions.

Note: If a user-options module is used, it might replace the HFZCNFxx default options. For details, refer to User-options module HFZCNFUM.

The next sections briefly describe the function of some of the other Z Abend Investigator options that you might want to consider specifying in the HFZCNFxx parmlib member. However, if you are installing Z Abend Investigator and merely want to reach a point at which the supplied IVP jobs can be run, then neither of these options are required.

In the remainder of this document, whenever references are made to the HFZCNF00 parmlib member, it is implied that the name can be either HFZCNF00, or HFZCNF&SYSCLONE.