Data areas

The following provides descriptions of data areas available to user exits. For information about user exits, refer to Customizing Z Abend Investigator by using user exits.

Softcopy versions of the following data areas are available in the softcopy samples data set (HFZ.SHFZSAMP) for Assembler, COBOL, C, and PL/I as members HFZSXPLA, HFZSXPLB, HFZSXPLC, and HFZSXPLP respectively.

Notes relating to the following data areas:
To see the initial values of any of these fields for an abending job, add the following JCL statements to produce an exit trace:
where exit_type is either CONTROL, LISTING, FORMAT, REPORT, MSGXPL, END, or NOTIFY, depending on the data area that you are interested in. For more information about tracing, see Diagnostic tracing. For more information about the Exits option, see Exits.