NFY - Notification user exit parameter list

Table 1. NFY data area.

This table has 6 columns and 2 header rows. In the first header row, the "Offsets" heading spans columns 1 and 2. The "Offsets" heading has 2 subheadings in the second header row: "Dec" in column 1 and "Hex" in column 2.

Offsets Type Access Len Name and description
Dec Hex

Parameter list version (currently 0002).

4 (4) CHAR R/O 45 (Reserved)
49 (31) CHAR R/O 1024 SYNOPSIS

Fault analysis synopsis. Individual lines of the synopsis are delimited by new-line characters (X'15').

Z Abend Investigator permits a buffered data format that is used if the size of the synopsis exceeds the maximum that can be contained in this field. For details, see Non-REXX user exit buffered data format. The format of this field is transparent to users of REXX exits.

1073 (431) CHAR R/O 1 NFYTYPE
Fault created
Recovery fault recording
NoDup(Normal) duplicate
NoDup(CICSfast) or NoDup(ImageFast) duplicate
1074 (432) CHAR R/O 8 DUPCOUNT

The number of new duplicates during this 30-second recording period when NFYTYPE is set to 'F'. Always 1 when NFYTYPE is set to 'N'. Not applicable for other values of NFYTYPE.

1082 (43A) CHAR R/O 55 (Reserved)