HFZS subsystem requirements for DB2

You must add DD statements for all DB2® subsystems that are not accessible via LINKLIST, and for which you want Z Abend Investigator to perform analysis: Here is the DD statement format:
//DB2subsystem-id DD DISP=SHR,DSN=data-set-name
where subsystem-id is the DB2 subsystem ID (usually 4 characters), and data-set-name is the associated load module library. For a data sharing group, the group attach name is used as the subsystem ID, regardless of whether the DB2 subsystem is running in data sharing mode or not.
If, for example, the DB2 subsystem with an ID of DSN1 requires the load library DSN1.SDSNLOAD, which is not in LINKLIST, then add this JCL DD statement to the Z Abend Investigator HFZS subsystem job.

Do not include a DSNAOINI DD statement in the HFZS subsystem JCL, as this DDname is allocated dynamically by Z Abend Investigator as needed for the appropriate DB2 subsystem.

The HFZS subsystem needs EXECUTE access to the DSNACLI plan, and SELECT authority to the following SYSIBM catalog tables: