Improving Z Abend Investigator DB2 performance

The following information is applicable to DB2® versions prior to DB2 V10. For DB2 V10 or later, this information can be ignored.

DB2 does not have an index defined on the SYSIBM.SYSDBRM catalog table. Z Abend Investigator accesses the SYSIBM.SYSDBRM catalog table whenever it performs analysis for a DB2 fault. To avoid the possibility of poor performance when accessing SYSIBM.SYSDBRM, you can create a user-defined index on the SYSIBM.SYSDBRM catalog table. The non-unique index should specify the following columns (in order):
The following sample DDL can be used to define the index:
CREATE TYPE 2 INDEX nnnnnn.DBRMX            ❶
          PLNAME ASC,
          NAME ASC
         USING STOGROUP mmmmmm       ❶
               PRIQTY pp             ❷
               SECQTY ssCLOSE NO;
Change the name of the index (nnnnnn) and storage group (mmmmmm) to suit your requirements. For example, use index name SYSIBM and storage group STOGROUP.
Change the primary (pp) and secondary (ss) quantities to suit your requirements. For example, use 250 for both primary and secondary quantity.

A sample job, HFZSDB2X, is distributed in HFZ.SHFZSAM1 to help you do this.