Adding the required programs to the shutdown PLT

To ensure that all Z Abend Investigator activity is correctly terminated, it is necessary to add the following entry to your CICSĀ® shutdown PLT:
The entry should be added before the DFHDELIM entry (shutdown phase 1).

As well as ensuring correct Z Abend Investigator termination, HFZPLT also disables Z Abend Investigator in all the currently enabled CICS exit points. This disablement prevents any subsequent abend analysis occurring during CICS shutdown. If analysis is required during shutdown, then do not add HFZPLT to your shutdown PLT. Note that it is then possible for system 33E abends to occur during shutdown.

If the Z Abend Investigator SDUMP screening feature has been installed you can optionally add a corresponding entry to the CICS SHUTDOWN PLT to disable this feature during CICS shutdown: