HFZDSECTdsn command

The HFZDSECTdsn command can be used to query or modify the HFZDSECT data set concatenation (for details about this DDname, see DataSets) to ensure that the correct DSECT mapping is used for a given version of a product, for example CICSĀ®.

Figure 1. Syntax

2.1  GET ( var_name )
2.1  SET ( var_name )
Specifies that the current HFZDSECT data set concatenation is returned in the REXX variable var_name. The data set names in the returned list are blank delimited.
Specifies the name of a REXX variable containing the list of data set names that replace the current HFZDSECT concatenation. Multiple data set names must be separated by one or more blanks.

Return codes

The HFZDSECTdsn command provides the following return codes:
Successful completion.
Command syntax error. An explanation of the error is written to the HFZTRACE DDname.


Figure 2. HFZDSECTdsn command example
/* REXX */

/* Place MY.DSECTS data set first in the HFZDSECT concatenation */
"HFZDSECTdsn GET(dsnlist)"
if RC = 0 then say 'Current HFZDSECT concatenation:' dsnlist
else exit 4
dsnlist = 'MY.DSECTS' dsnlist
"HFZDSECTdsn SET(dsnlist)"
if RC = 0 then say 'HFZDSECT concatenation changed to:' dsnlist