HFZOPTLM data set name symbol substitution

This information about symbol substitution applies to data set names specified in the RFRDSN, SDUMPDSN, and XDUMPDSN options.

These data set names should contain MVS system symbols to ensure that each allocated data set is unique. In particular, &SEQ. (the Z Abend Investigator sequence number variable) should be included in the name.

For data sets that are allocated as the result of a fault entry move or copy (see Copying history file entries and Moving history file entries), or HFZUTIL IMPORT (see IMPORT control statement) operation, the symbols &JOBNAME. and &SYSNAME. will be resolved in accordance with their respective values when the fault entry is created. For example, if a fault entry was created on system SYS1 during real-time processing, and then later copied on system SYS2, the &SYSNAME. symbol will continue to be substituted by the value SYS1.

All symbols specified, other than &SEQ., &JOBNAME. and &SYSNAME., will be substituted using the ASASYMBM service with current system values. For information about available symbol names, see z/OS MVS Assembler Services Reference.