Dump registration processing

Unlike the SYSABEND, SYSMDUMP, and SYSUDUMP processes, which run in the user address space, the SVC dump process in MVS™ runs from the DUMPSRV address space. This difference means that the MVS change options/suppress dump exit, which is one of the normal means of invoking Z Abend Investigator, does not work for SVC dumps. For SVC dumps, Z Abend Investigator provides the MVS post-dump exit HFZXTSEL. SVC dumps occur for system abends, and are also used by CICS® for its system dumps.

If you install the MVS post-dump exit HFZXTSEL, a "skeleton" fault entry is created whenever an SVC dump is written. For more information about installing the MVS post-dump exit HFZXTSEL, see Installing the MVS post-dump exit HFZXTSEL. This processing differs from normal real-time processing in that no analysis is performed, and therefore no report or minidump is produced. This Z Abend Investigator process is known as "dump registration".

The dump registration processing permits the use of two user exits which effectively are the equivalent of the normal Analysis Control and Notification user exits. These are specified using the DumpRegistrationExits option (see DumpRegistrationExits).

The dump registration fault entry contains only limited information, such as the time of its creation, the system name, and the name of the job that caused the SVC dump to be written. If available, the abend code and abending program name is also provided. However, the first reanalysis of the dump registration fault entry refreshes the fault entry and save a report and minidump with it. For details, see Refresh processing.