Turning off Z Abend Investigator using an environment variable (_HFZ_OFF)

In a z/OS® Unix System Services environment, the Z Abend Investigator invocation through the Language Environment® abnormal termination exit, HFZXCEE, can be turned off by creating an environment variable with the name _HFZ_OFF and containing the character "Y".

An example of setting this environment variable in a C program follows:
setenv("_HFZ_OFF","Y",1);  /* disable HFZXCEE invocation*/
To re-enable the invocation of Z Abend Investigator through the HFZXCEE exit, you can set the _HFZ_OFF environment variable to a value other than "Y", for example "N":
setenv("_HFZ_OFF","N",1);  /* re-enable HFZXCEE invocation */

For details of when the HFZXCEE exit is used, see Exits for invoking Z Abend Investigator. The _HFZ_OFF environment variable does not affect invocation of Z Abend Investigator through any other exits.