Fast Exclude options processing

If the HFZS subsystem is started and the PARM='FASTEXCLUDE' option is in effect (this option is the default), then all Include and Exclude options specifications from the HFZCNF00 parmlib member are cached in the HFZS subsystem. A Z Abend Investigator invocation exit can obtain this information without the need for any I/O, and subsequently determine if a fault should be excluded from further processing prior to attaching the mainline HFZDA load module, where normal options processing is performed.

With the exception of CICSĀ®, only jobs or started tasks that do not include an HFZOPTS DDname are eligible for fast Exclude options processing. With CICS being a long-running system, Z Abend Investigator periodically reads the Exclude/Include option specifications from the options data set, and caches these for subsequent use by the CICS invocation exits when an application abend occurs.

Whenever a fault has been fast excluded, the HFZ0034I message is issued.

No HFZTRACE information is provided for a fault that is excluded due to fast Exclude options processing.

If updating any Include or Exclude options in the HFZCNF00 parmlib member, then the HFZS subsystem should be cycled to cause these options to be reread.

To disable fast Exclude options processing, specify the HFZS subsystem PARM='NOFASTEXCLUDE' option.