Changing the size of a PDSE history file

You can change the allocated size of a PDSE history file.

  1. Stop the HFZS subsystem.
  2. Rename the original history file to a unique name to ensure that the file is not used as a history file by others. For example, append ".OLD" to the history file name.
  3. Allocate a new, larger history file with secondary extents using a unique name that is different from the original history file (for example, by appending ".NEW").
  4. Copy the complete contents of the ".OLD" history file to the ".NEW" history file using IEBCOPY or ISPF option 3.3.
  5. Using File > Change Fault History File Settings from the action bar, set the Logical History File Size (Pages) value to 0. For additional information about this setting, see Change fault history file settings.
  6. Rename the ".NEW" history file to the original history file name.
  7. Start the HFZS subsystem.
  8. Delete the ".OLD" history file using ISPF option 3.2 or similar.