Excluded history files

The Excluded History Files display lists history files that are currently excluded by the HFZS subsystem.

History files that you have ALTER data set access to are shown in white. You can enter the S line command to select a history file. History files that you do not have ALTER data set access to are shown in blue, and do not have an input field for line commands.

HFZS Subsystem Excluded History Files                       Line 1 Col 1 80
Command ===> ____________________________________________ Scroll ===> CSR 

 Line commands: S (Select). Press Enter to refresh.

    History File Name
 **  Bottom of data.
  F1=Help     F3=Exit     F5=RptFind  F7=Up       F8=Down    F12=Cancel
You can select multiple history files using one of the following methods:
  • Use the SS line command to select the first and last in a block of history files.
  • Use a 'repeat line command' ( *c ). For example, enter *s to repeat the S command on subsequent lines until terminated by * or *s on the last line in the block.

Press F1 from the Excluded History Files display for more information about how to select history files.

Selected history files are shown in the HFZS Subsystem Selected History Files display, where you can modify their status. For example, you can stop the HFZS subsystem managing history files for the purpose of reallocation or some other activity that requires exclusive access. You can also sort and filter the list of history files. For more information, see Selected history files.