Installing the MVS change options/suppress dump exit HFZXDCAP

The installation of the Z Abend Investigator dump capture exit, HFZXDCAP, depends on the level of z/OS®:

For z/OS 2.2 and later levels of z/OS
HFZXDCAP is installed as a IEAVTABX_EXIT dynamic exit routine by including the following in a PARMLIB PROGxx member, which is automatically selected at IPL time:
To activate the HFZXDCAP exit before the next IPL, issue the following operator command, where xx matches the suffix used on the PARMLIB PROGxx member:
For levels of z/OS prior to z/OS 2.2
Z Abend Investigator requires a dump capture exit, HFZXDCAP, to be installed in the IEAVTABX installation exit list. This exit is installed by the HFZTABX USERMOD.

To install this USERMOD, edit and submit the sample job HFZTABX. This job includes HFZXDCAP in the IEAVTABX installation exit list. If you have other exits defined in this list, add the HFZXDCAP exit last.

For more information about adding exits to IEAVTABX, see MVS™ Installation Exits.

To activate this change, do one of the following:
  • Issue the command:
    Note: Refer to the output from the SMP/E APPLY for information about the data set containing the updated IEAVTABX load module, in case it is not the usual SYS1.LPALIB.
  • Re-IPL with CLPA.