HFZDSECT concatenation

The HFZDSECT concatenation can optionally be specified in the DATASETS sections of your options data set. If specified, then it should specify the name of one or more PDS or PDSE data sets, which contain DSECT files to be used when processing the DSECT command.

The HFZDSECT data set attributes must be one of the following: Regardless of LRECL, only the first 80 bytes of each record are read. The recommended HFZDSECT data set attributes are RECFM=FB and LRECL=80.

When in an interactive report, the first time the DSECT command is issued, it processes each data set in the HFZDSECT concatenation. If the data set contains a $DINDEX member (see Indexing your DSECT data sets ($DINDEX member)), then the DSECT details in this member are used. Otherwise, each member in the data set is assumed to contain a DSECT of the same name. When all the DSECT details have been determined for a data set, the process is repeated for the next data set, until all the data sets in the HFZDSECT concatenation have been processed.

Note that this process only happens once per interactive report session. If new DSECTs are added to a data set in the HFZDSECT concatenation, or if the $DINDEX member is updated, then you must do one of these actions: