Specifying an HFZJLIB DD statement

An optional HFZJLIB DD statement can be included in the HFZS subsystem JCL for Java™ as follows:

//HFZJLIB  DD   PATH='path'

The HFZJLIB JCL statement specifies a target directory for HFS executables. The HFZS subsystem writes a small number of program files to this directory as part of its execution, thus the HFZS subsystem must have authority to read, write, and execute files in the specified directory. Additionally, diagnostic information might also be written to this path. The path name is case sensitive and the path must exist. An example of a possible specification is PATH='/u/user-id/hfzj', where user-id is the user ID under which the HFZS subsystem is running.

If HFZJLIB is not provided, then the default path for the HFZS subsystem user ID is used. In this case, if the HFZS subsystem user ID does not have a valid default path, message HFZ0155W is issued.

For each image in a sysplex, Z Abend Investigator creates a subdirectory of the HFZJLIB path, using the &SYSCLONE name. This naming ensures that each image writes to a separate directory.