CICS NoDup(CICSFAST) override assembler exit (HFZNDFUE)

In certain circumstances where Z Abend Investigator has detected an abend as a CICSĀ® NoDup(CICSFAST) duplicate (see NoDup for information about the NoDup option), it might be desirable to override this detection, and hence instigate normal abend analysis. These circumstances might, for example, be for specific abends or transactions, or combinations of these, for which a full analysis is required. To accommodate this situation, there exists a NoDup(CICSFAST) assembler exit, HFZNDFUE. Z Abend Investigator attempts to load this exit program before issuing the CICS NoDup(CICSFAST) message, HFZ0066I. If the load is successful, then program HFZNDFUE will be invoked.