Providing installation-specific batch reanalysis JCL control statements

Whenever a user performs batch reanalysis of a history file entry, using the B line command from the Fault Entry List display, Z Abend Investigator generates the appropriate JCL stream based on options that are specified on the user's Batch Reanalysis Options display. To permit installations to always add their own JCL control statements to such generated jobs, Z Abend Investigator provides support for an optional user-provided skeleton member. If found, this member is inserted immediately following the JOB card of the generated JCL stream. The skeleton member must be named HFZSJCTL, and be available from the ISPSLIB concatenation. If it does not exist, or is not found, then it is simply not used.

A possible use of this member is to add a JCL control card to permit more than the default number of output lines. For example:
//* Override of installation default output line limit

If Job card style on the Batch Reanalysis Options display has been set to S, but no Job Card Statements have been specified, then the HFZSJCTL member can be used to provide both a JOB card and any additional control cards. As an alternative to the IDISJCTL member, see BatchOpts.