Updating the ISPF selection panel

Update your ISPF selection panel to include an option for selecting the HFZPDDIR program to start the ISPF history file interface using the HFZ application ID. For example, to invoke Z Abend Investigator using option 9, update the )PROC section of the ISPF selection panel as follows:

  . (other selections)
 ' ',' '
   *,'?' )
  1. The above HFZ application ID is shown as an example only. If a different value has been used for an earlier version of Z Abend Investigator, then changing it should be avoided since it results in the loss of all ISPF interface user-tailoring.
  2. Ensure that the LE HEAPZONES parameter is set to HEAPZONES(0,ABEND) while Z Abend Investigator is active.

As an alternative to calling program HFZPDDIR directly from the selection panel as shown above, you might instead consider invoking the HFZSISPF sample REXX EXEC. This invocation would eliminate the need to have Z Abend Investigator ISPF and TSO libraries allocated prior to entering ISPF.

Remember to also update the )BODY section as appropriate.

As an alternative to the direct invocation of the Z Abend Investigator ISPF interface via the ISPF selection panel, a customized front-end can be used. A sample front-end is shown in Sample customized ISPF interface front-end, which can be modified to suit any specific requirements your installation might have.