Working with applications that use a non-Language Environment run time

The following USERMODs are applicable to non-LE applications only.

Enabling implicit Z Abend Investigator invocation from PL/I V2R3 applications (++HFZSPLI/++HFZSPLIA)

To have Z Abend Investigator invoked implicitly for abends occurring in applications using the PL/I version 2 release 3 non-LE runtime library, the HFZSPLI or HFZSPLIA USERMOD must be applied. Either USERMOD modifies the ONCODE processing in the PL/I runtime load module IBMBLIIA to call the Z Abend Investigator program SNAP interface (HFZSNAP). However, while the HFZSPLI USERMOD returns to PL/I after the call to HFZSNAP, the HFZSPLIA USERMOD issues a deliberate abend U3001, which can make it more suitable for environments, such as IMS™, where ROLLBACK might be required.

This USERMOD is not required if using the LE run time.

To apply this USERMOD, edit and submit the sample job HFZSPLI or HFZSPLIA.

Always invoking Z Abend Investigator from PL/I PLIDUMP (++HFZSPDM)

If PL/I applications have been written to handle errors by calling PLIDUMP with the 'S' option, then Z Abend Investigator cannot be invoked (see Application-handled error conditions). For this reason, a USERMOD is provided that modifies the PL/I PLIDUMP main control routine to always invoke Z Abend Investigator using HFZSNAP, ahead of normal PLIDUMP processing.

To apply this USERMOD, edit and submit the sample job HFZSPDM.