Allocating a PDS or PDSE for a history file

To allocate one or more history files, edit and submit the sample job HFZSHIST.

This job allocates two PDSE data sets named HFZ.HIST and HFZ.HIST.TESTrespectively. All users whose abending jobs are recorded in these history files need write access to the data sets. Refer to the instructions in the sample job for information about changes you might need to make to this job.

  1. PDSE data sets are recommended to be used for history files because of their automatic space management and superior directory integrity for shared usage. (You can also use PDS-managed history files.)
  2. If you are using PDSE version 2 data sets, do not define history files with member generation support.

As an alternative to submitting a batch job to allocate a new history file, one can be allocated by selecting the Fault Entry List display action-bar File pull-down menu. For details, see New history file allocation.

Important: Allocate the history file with enough space to accommodate all data that is expected to be written to it. Otherwise, out-of-space conditions might occur that cause Z Abend Investigator to abend (for example, system abend SE37).
To assist with space management of history files, Z Abend Investigator provides the HFZUTIL batch utility, which can be used to: These functions can also be performed using the Z Abend Investigator ISPF interface.

In a sysplex, history files can be shared between any number of systems.