Input parameter list

The address of the following parameter list is passed to the HFZXFXIT user exit in R1. All parameters are provided as C-style, null-terminated character strings: the value, followed by a byte containing X'00'.
Table 1. HFZXFXIT input parameters.

Parameter Number of bytes Description
Parameter 1 Varying The level of access required to the fault entry: Read, Update, or Delete.
Parameter 2 Varying Security server user ID of HFZXFXIT user exit caller1.
Parameter 3 Varying Security server default group ID of HFZXFXIT user exit caller1.
Parameter 4 Varying The name of the job that created the fault entry.
Parameter 5 Varying The history file data set name containing the fault entry.
Parameter 6 Varying The fault entry HD segment data area.
Mapping of the HD segment data area is provided in data set HFZ.SHFZSAM1 members:
  • HFZSXPLA (Assembler)
  1. Obtain the fault entry creator security server user and default group ID information from the HD segment data area pointed to by parameter 6.