Binding DB2

To run Z Abend Investigator against abends occurring in applications that use DB2®, you must ensure that the DB2 Call Level Interface (CLI) is installed and the required setup has been performed to bind plan DSNACLI.

The DSNACLI plan can be created using the sample job in member DSNTIJCL of the DB2 SDSNSAMP data set. It is important that the DSNTIJCL job completes with return code zero. As stated in the job comments, it might be necessary to add the SQLERROR(CONTINUE) parm to achieve this. Refer to the DB2 for OS/390® Call Level Interface Guide and Reference for further information.

Ensure that the Z Abend Investigator HFZS subsystem has SELECT authority to the required DB2 system catalog tables. See HFZS subsystem requirements for DB2 for details.