Real-time SNAP analysis

There is basically no difference between the Z Abend Investigator real-time abend analysis process and the real-time SNAP analysis process, except for the way in which Z Abend Investigator is invoked.

The program SNAP interface permits an application program to invoke Z Abend Investigator by including the appropriate calls where desired. This way, the application programmer can obtain an analysis of the current environment in situations where the application might not abend. The call to Z Abend Investigator is non-disruptive to the application program, which is able to continue execution following the analysis.

An illustration of the real-time SNAP analysis process is provided in Figure 1.
Figure 1. Real-time SNAP analysis
Diagram faoug005_HCL illustrates the SNAP process: A user application issues an HFZSNAP call, which invokes the HFZSNAP invocation interface. The HFZSNAP interface subsequently invokes the main analysis module, which writes a real-time analysis report to the JES spool, issues messages to syslog and creates a fault entry in a history file.