CICS IVP: 0C1 in program HFZXFA

The synopsis section of the Z Abend Investigator report should contain the following for the "0C1 in program HFZXFA" test:
A CICS abend ASRA occurred in module HFZXFA CSECT HFZXFA at offset X'5FC'.

A program interruption code 0001 (Operation Exception) is associated with this
abend and indicates that:

  An attempt was made to execute an instruction with an invalid operation code.

The abend was caused by an undetermined instruction.

NOTE: Source code information could not be presented because the search for a
      compiler listing or side-file was unsuccessful for CSECT HFZXFA.

For this IVP, Z Abend Investigator is expected to be invoked through the XPCABND exit.