User-defined program descriptions

The program description header record in HFZHUSRM has the following format:
Figure 1. Syntax

1 :misc.PROGDESC:program_name
The name of a user application entry point, program or load module. It is not case-sensitive. For example:
are all valid specifications.

A matching entry point name is searched for first. If a matching entry point name is not found, then the program name is searched for next. If a matching program name is not found either, then the load module name is searched for.

If a matching entry point, program or load module name is found, then its description is shown in the Z Abend Investigator report Event Summary under the "Description" heading, as well as in the detail section for the event.

Note that :misc. must begin in column 1.
In the following example, two program descriptions are specified:
Accounts receivable main module
Common error routine

When using the LOOKUP command, user-defined program descriptions appear in the "Miscellaneous Information" main category, under the subcategory "Program Descriptions".