Controlling the real-time analysis with options

Set options globally, so they control the output for all jobs. However, you can also set an option just for one job. In this case, you should set the option in the user options file via the HFZOPTS DDname.

See Options for information about all available options and the different ways in which they can be specified.

Options that you are more likely to use for real-time analysis are:

Specify this option if you want to want to retain the SYSABEND, SYSUDUMP, or SYSMDUMP unconditionally. Without this option, many dumps are suppressed when Z Abend Investigator deems that the analysis it has performed is adequate. This option does not affect the writing of the minidump to the history file. See RetainDump for more details.

The dump disposition part of this option is applicable to the use of the MVS™ IEAVTABX change options/suppress dump exit, HFZXDCAP, only.

Specify this option if you want to adjust the level of detail given in the real-time analysis report. (If a dump is produced, you can change this option when you perform a reanalysis.) See Detail for more detail.
Specify this option if you want to exclude this job from analysis. See Exclude/Include for more detail.
Specify this option if you want to change the way that duplicate faults are handled by default. See NoDup for more detail.
Specify this option if you want to exclude CICS® transaction fault analysis using the CICS transaction dump code table. See CICSDumpTableExclude for more detail.

You can also use the DataSets option to point to listings and side files. See DataSets for more detail.