Changing the NoDup(CICSFAST) option

Typically, an HFZOPTS DD statement is used in CICS® procedures to facilitate changes to options without the need to cycle CICS. However, as far as the NoDup(CICSFAST) option is concerned, a limitation exists. The actual processing of the HFZOPTS data set is performed by the main Z Abend Investigator module, HFZDA. This module is the main program that runs in the MVS™ attached subtask. The NoDup(CICSFAST) processing is done in the HFZXCX53 exit code before the subtask is attached. The value used for NoDup(CICSFAST) is whatever the value was set to on the previous full run of Z Abend Investigator in that CICS region (HFZDA attach). When a CICS fast duplicate fault suppression occurs (message HFZ0066I), the attach of HFZDA and the reading of the options data set does not occur. Another HFZDA attach must happen before the NoDup(CICSFAST) option change is reflected down to the exit for NoDup(CICSFAST) action. This means either waiting for another unique fault (forced by creating a new abend with CECI to perform an EXEC CICS ABEND) or the NoDup(CICSFAST) time-out to occur.

Alternatively, you can cause changes to this option to take effect immediately by using the CFA transaction to uninstall and reinstall all CICS invocation exits. See Controlling CICS transaction abend analysis.