Using wildcards

To specify that all messages of a given severity should be permitted, the following notation can be used:
The message prefix.
The message severity level.
The following example shows how all error-level messages (E) can be permitted with Enterprise PL/I (IBM®):
The message severity to which the specified option applies, is the one that follows the message ID in the compiler listing. For example, in the case of Enterprise PL/I message IBM1352I, the compiler listing might show:
Message     Statement  Message Description
IBM1352I E         11  The statement element SKIP is invalid. The statement
                       will be ignored.
In this case, the message severity level is E, which generally implies a return code of 8.

Only messages with the specified message severity level are affected.

The following example shows how to specify that both Enterprise PL/I and Enterprise COBOL error-level messages should be ignored: