Fault History File or VIEW name

In the Z Abend Investigator ISPF application (HFZ) variable pool, there is a variable called OLDHIST, which is a list of the last 10 accessed Fault History Files or Views. The first item in this list is the History File or View which is opened by the Z Abend Investigator ISPF interface. The sample code modifies this list, such that the first item in the list is the History File or View entered by the user. It does this modification by scanning the list to see if the name already exists, in which case the entry is moved to the top of the list. If the name does not exist, then it is inserted at the top of the list, and all other entries are moved down one position, that is item 10 (if it exists) disappears.

In the list, View names are distinguished from Fault History Files by being enclosed within parentheses.