Installing the sample application

It is important that the sample application (HFZSFEMA) executes using the same ISPF application ID as the main Z Abend Investigator ISPF application. If it does not, then updates made by the sample to ISPF variables are not correctly picked up. A way to use the sample is to add a new ISPF command, which invokes the main sample program using the same ISPF NEWAPPL application as is used for the 'normal' invocation of Z Abend Investigator. For example, add the following command to a 'USER' command table, which is used by Z Abend Investigator ISPF users:
Verb      T  Action
This command assumes that Z Abend Investigator is normally invoked using a NEWAPPL of HFZ, for example from an application selection panel using a command similar to the following:

As well as the above, the CLIST HFZSFECL must be in one of the data sets that is allocated to the user's SYSPROC concatenation.