Primary option: Z Abend Investigator Options

Selecting Z Abend Investigator Options from the initial interactive report displays the Z Abend Investigator section of the report as shown in Figure 1.
Figure 1. Sample Z Abend Investigator Options display
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Z Abend Investigator Options                                   Line 1 Col 1 80
Command ===> ________________________________________________ Scroll ===> CSR 
TRANID: FRED      CICS ABEND: AEIL                CICS04   2019/09/25 11:06:56

HCL Z Abend Investigator Options in Effect:

  {These are the options that were used to generate the current interactive
  reanalysis report. To change any options, first return to the Fault Entry List
  display and select "Interactive Reanalysis Options" from the "Options"
  action-bar pull-down menu; then perform interactive reanalysis again.}


  Data Sets:

    {The following Z Abend Investigator data set or path names were either
    preallocated, specified via DataSets options, or provided as defaults.}

    DDname   Data Set or Path Name