The prolog section

The prolog section consists of everything from the top of the report until the start of the synopsis section.

At the top of the prolog section is information about the version, release, and modification level of Z Abend Investigator, as well as the latest maintenance installed. Following this information is the Z Abend Investigator copyright statement and a header for the report.

If performing batch reanalysis of a dump data set, or a fault entry created from interactive reanalysis of a dump data set, and the dump data set or fault entry contains CICS® system or Java™ environment information, then a note is added here. This note tells you that the better way to analyze the current fault is by using the appropriate ISPF interface reanalysis method. This approach is better is because Z Abend Investigator for these types of environments provides specific support in the interactive reanalysis report which enables the user to see information that is not included in the batch report.