LE options required for non-CICS abends

If the CEEEXTAN LE abnormal termination exit (HFZXCEE) has been installed, then there are no specific LE options required for Z Abend Investigator to be invoked for an abend. If, however, the MVS™ IEAVTABX change options/suppress dump exit (HFZXDCAP) is to be used to capture LE abends, then an option to cause LE to take a SYSABEND, SYSUDUMP, or SYSMDUMP, such as TERMTHDACT(UADUMP), is required. This option permits the IEAVTABX exit to gain control when the MVS dump is about to be written.

Note: If both the CEEEXTAN and IEAVTABX exits are installed, then Z Abend Investigator resolves the processing to perform only one analysis of a fault.