Running Z Abend Investigator with similar third-party products

In general, Z Abend Investigator works with other similar third-party products without problems, with the possible exception being Language Environment® batch jobs. Z Abend Investigator uses the Language Environment CEEEXTAN facility (HFZXCEE), as does potentially other similar third-party products. If more than one exit is specified in the CEEEXTAN list, then Z Abend Investigator should be the first exit specified.

The analysis of LE jobs by Z Abend Investigator can also be done using the IEAVTABX MVS™ change options/suppress dump exit (HFZXDCAP). Ensure that the LE options include the TERMTHRDACT option, with the UATRACE, UADUMP, UAONLY, or UAIMM suboption, to make LE request an MVS dump for an abend. This way, the third-party product can use the CEEEXTAN exit while Z Abend Investigator can run from the IEAVTABX MVS change options/suppress dump exit. The Z Abend Investigator HFZXDCAP exit analyzes LE abends exactly the same way as the HFZXCEE exit. This similarity is because the exits do not actually do the analysis, they simply provide the method of invoking Z Abend Investigator. It is the same Z Abend Investigator analysis engine that runs for all Z Abend Investigator exits, including CICS®.

For non-LE batch there are no known conflicts between Z Abend Investigator and similar third-party products. However, it is recommended to specify the RETAINDUMP(ALL) option in the HFZCNF00 parmlib member to ensure that similar third-party products that might rely on the MVS dump being taken for their invocation are not affected. Once Z Abend Investigator is the only abend analysis product installed, then the RETAINDUMP(ALL) option can be removed.

The Z Abend Investigator pre-abend (XPCABND) exit affects the CICS pre-transaction dump global user exit (XDUREQ). When invoked through the XPCABND exit, Z Abend Investigator suppresses transaction dumps by default, and CICS does not invoke XDUREQ exit programs when transaction dumps are suppressed. If you require CICS to invoke the XDUREQ exit, use the Z Abend Investigator RetainCICSdump(ALL) option.