Verifying the use of Z Abend Investigator with COBOL

This section is applicable only if you have COBOL installed at your site.

To verify Z Abend Investigator with COBOL, edit and submit the sample job HFZVPCOB in data set HFZ.SHFZSAM1. Refer to the instructions in the sample job for more information.

The job compiles and executes a COBOL program, which abends with a return code of 3000.

As a result of the TER(UADUMP) LE option, Z Abend Investigator is invoked via the MVS™ change options/suppress dump exit HFZXDCAP.

The synopsis section of the Z Abend Investigator report that is written to HFZREPRT should contain the following:

For the Japanese feature of Z Abend Investigator, this section should be in Japanese if the Language(JPN) option is in effect.

Note: Due to differences in version, release or maintenance level of the compiler used, program offset information might differ from the sample below.
A system abend 0C7 occurred in module HFZSCBL1 program HFZSCBL1 at offset

A program interruption code 0007 (Data Exception) is associated with this abend
and indicates that:

  A decimal digit or sign was invalid.

The cause of the failure was program HFZSCBL1 in module HFZSCBL1.  The COBOL
source code that immediately preceded the failure was:

  Line #
  000029        CLEAR SECTION.
  000030        START001.

The COBOL source code for data fields involved in the failure:

  Line #
  000011        01  NUMBERX PIC 999999 COMP-3.
  000013            05  ERROR-COUNT PIC 999999 COMP-3.
  000016        01  BAD-RESULT PIC 99 COMP-3.

Data field values at time of abend:

  BAD-RESULT  = X'0000' *** Invalid numeric data ***    
  ERROR-COUNT = X'C1C2C3C4' *** Invalid numeric data ***
  NUMBERX       = 986888
A complete sample report from running this IVP is provided as member HFZSRP01 in the HFZ.SHFZDOC1 data set.