HFZXEINF – Obtain event information


#include "hfzxhfmt.h"

int HFZXEINF(UFM *p_ufm, int event_no);

General description

The specified UFM data area is populated with information applicable to the specified event number.

HFZXEINF() is functionally equivalent to the Z Abend Investigator REXX command "HFZEventInfo."

Returned value

HFZXEINF() returns zero if the information was retrieved successfully.

HFZXEINF() returns non-zero if no information is available for the specified event number. An explanation of the error is written to the HFZTRACE DDname.


#include "hfzxhfmt.h"

UFM ufm;
int rc;
rc = HFZXEINF(&ufm, 1);
If (!rc) {  // Successful completion