Using the HFZXFXIT user exit

If access was not granted via the or HFZHIST_USERID_DSN.userid.hist-dsn XFACILIT profiles, the optional HFZXFXIT user exit is called. If the HFZXFXIT exit is available, then it might ultimately grant the fault entry access. This approach might be useful if an installation has previously employed a different access authorization scheme and wants to continue using this instead of, or in conjunction with, the XFACILIT profiles.

The HFZXFXIT user exit must reside in an APF-authorized library and be available as a load module in LINKLIST with the name HFZXFXIT. It is loaded using the Language Environment® CEELOAD service, and if LE conforming, should not contain a C or PL/I main() function. The HFZXFXIT user exit must be link-edited with the NORENT option.