HFZXGETN – Get data area decimal character field value


#include "dixhfmt.h"

#define HFZXGETN(pSrc) \                    
        (HFZXGETN)(pSrc, sizeof(pSrc))
int     (HFZXGETN)(char *pSrc, int src_len);

General description

HFZXGETN() is used to convert a data area character field that contains decimal characters to an "int" value.

HFZXGETN() is a macro that calls a function by the same name. The advantage of using the macro is that only a single argument is required.

Returned value

If successful, HFZXGETN() returns the converted signed "int" value, represented in the string. If unsuccessful, it returns an undefined value.


#include "hfzxhfmt.h"

int num_events;
UFM ufm;
num_events = HFZXGETN(ufm.NUM_EVENTS);