HFZXNOTE – Write simple line of text to report


#include "hfzxhfmt.h"

int HFZXNOTE(char *psz, ...);

General description

HFZXNOTE() writes a line of unformatted text in the report. The psz argument must point to a NULL-terminated string. (To write formatted text, use the HFZXWRIT() function instead.)

If the psz argument is a format string suitable for use by the C sprintf() function, then more required arguments can follow.

This function is equivalent to the Z Abend Investigator REXX command "Note".

Returned value

HFZXNOTE() always returns zero.


#include "hfzxhfmt.h"

int i;

HFZXNOTE("Important data follows");
HFZXNOTE("A total of %d entries listed.",i);