The HFZXUFMT load module Formatting user exit

The HFZXUFMT load module Formatting user exit (in the following topics referred to as the HFZXUFMT exit) is a special type of user exit. It does not follow the normal rules that apply to other user exits described in Options, whether in REXX or in load module format.

The HFZXUFMT exit cannot be specified though the Exits option, but is located by load module name. If a load module with the name HFZXUFMT is found in an APF-authorized library during Z Abend Investigator execution, then it is invoked during the formatting of the analysis report. The HFZXUFMT exit is called immediately before any other Formatting user exits specified through the Exits option.

The HFZXUFMT exit:

Z Abend Investigator invokes the HFZXUFMT exit by way of the HCLXMFMT entry point, which is contained within HFZXLFMT, the non-executable load module that is provided with Z Abend Investigator. The exit user code is invoked by way of entry point HFZXUFMT.

Entry specifications

The user code HFZXUFMT entry point is invoked with:

Return specifications

On return from the HFZXUFMT entry point:

Sample HFZXUFMT exits

Two sample HFZXUFMT exits are provided, along with JCL to compile (or Assemble) and link: