HFZXWRIT – Write formatted text to report


#include "hfzxhfmt.h"

int HFZXWRIT(char *psz, ...);

General description

The HFZXNOTE() function can be used only to write a simple line of text to the report. However, the string that is passed to the HFZXWRIT() function in the psz argument can contain formatting tags (see Formatting tags).

If the psz argument is a format string suitable for use by the C sprintf() function, then more required arguments can follow.

This function is equivalent to the Z Abend Investigator REXX command "HFZWRITE".

Returned value

HFZXWRIT() always returns zero.


#include "hfzxhfmt.h"

int i;
for (i = 0; i < 10; ++i) {
  HFZXWRIT("<DT>Item %d</DT>",i);
  HFZXWRIT("<DD>Item description</DD>");