Setting up existing programs for fault analysis

You do not need to make any changes at all to existing programs to allow Z Abend Investigator to produce an analysis of any fault (provided that you install the USERMOD described in Eliminating the need for a dump DD statement (++HFZTABD) for batch jobs). Nor do you need to recompile programs. However, if you store compiler listings or side files in the appropriate repository, then Z Abend Investigator is able to identify the source statement of the abending program. (If you choose to not store listings or side files, you can still provide one after an abend has occurred. This approach makes it possible for Z Abend Investigator to extract more information when you perform reanalysis.)

To provide a side file, you might need to recompile your programs, since appropriate side files are only produced when certain compiler options are requested. If you already have compiler listings that were produced with the correct compiler options, you can create side files without needing to compile again. The advantage of the side file is that it is more compact than a listing. For more information, see Providing compiler listings or Z Abend Investigator side files.