Providing Java source information to Z Abend Investigator

There are two options for providing Java™ application source information to Z Abend Investigator.

  1. The HFZJAVA option or DD concatenation
  2. Specifying source jars on the Java classpath

Z Abend Investigator searches for matching source files in each path specified in the HFZJAVA option or HFZJAVA DD concatenation.

If HFZJAVA paths were not specified or source files were not found, Z Abend Investigator searches in each explicitly specified jar file and directory for source files that match the application events.

Optimizing Java source information

If Java source is never required or never available, specify the NOSOURCE option to tell Z Abend Investigator not to look for matching Java source files. If source jar files or Java source files are not on the application class path, specify the -dropcp- option to tell Z Abend Investigator to ignore the application classpath when locating source files. Instead, only paths specified using the HFZJAVA option will be considered when locating source information.